Azure environment respond very late for few seconds after deployment [Resolved]

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When the MVC application is deployed to azure environment, there is slowness in page loading and also reponse time of web site get delayed for few seconds once the deployment is done.

When the application is deployed in production environment, this slowness make the bad user experience.
Automation test scripts fails due to delay in reponse of site immediate after deployment

What we have tried:
Deployment is scheduled once in 30 days and also in mid night, however the user in other part of world face issues when deployment happens.

Can some one help me to resolve issue and there should not be any difference to user when deployment happens in producation.

Thanks in Advance.



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Measures to minimize downtime and improve performance

a) Enable "Always-On" for the Web App.

By default, web apps are unloaded if they are idle for some period of time. This lets the system conserve resources. In Basic or Standard mode, you can enable Always On to keep the app loaded all the time. If your app runs continuous web jobs, you should enable Always On, or the web jobs may not run reliably.

Read more at ( )

b) Managed Pipeline Version

Leave this set to Integrated (the default) unless you have a legacy app that requires an older version of IIS.

c) Auto Swap

If you enable Auto Swap for a deployment slot, App Service will automatically swap the web app into production when you push an update to that slot.

Read more at ( )

4) Make sure the Azure services are running close together.

5) Consider caching database content to a blob.

6) If the application is making DB calls, try to make as few round trips as possible by wrapping up the queries into a stored procedure.

7) Scale Up the web app in Azure

Get more CPU, memory, disk space, and extra features like dedicated virtual machines (VMs), custom domains and certificates, staging slots, autoscaling, and more.
Read more at ( )

8) Scale out the web app in Azure

Increase the number of VM instances that run your app.

Read more at ( )

9) Use a profiler to figure out the problem. Read more at ( )

Equally you can have a look at ( ) for more information about performance improvement.

Hope that will trigger you in the right direction.

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