i am a student and i want to learn dot net programming pls help me [Resolved]

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hi every body pls help m

i am a student and i want to learn dot net programming pls help me


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Hi Neha,

Welcome to the community.

In addition to what Sheo Sir has said, I would like to add a line or two.

As per my experience, it does not take much time to pick up a language. What it takes time is to build up the logic . So first of all, I would like to suggest you to write the algorithm presented in Project Euler (https://projecteuler.net/) . And along with that, you can start learning C# (My preference) or any other dotnet languages (like VB.net, F#.net etc.) . Some links for C# is given below

a) C# How to tutorials ( http://techfunda.com/howto/c )

b) C# tutorials ( http://www.dotnetfunda.com/misc/page44.aspx )

Armed with the C# programming skill, you are now fit for going ahead as a Desktop developer / web developer / Mobile App developer.

For Desktop developer , please learn WPF and MVVM / PRISM . Some links


For Web developers , you need to learn at the minimum

a) ASP.net ( http://www.tutorialspoint.com/asp.net/ )

b) Asp.net MVC ( http://www.dotnetfunda.com/misc/categoryposts.aspx?c=131 ) . You can even purchase the book (ASP.NET MVC How to Tips & Tricks by Sheo Narayan, the founder of DotNetFunda.com. Please visit http://www.itfunda.com/aspnet-mvc-how-to-tips--tricks/Show/80 )

c) ASP.NET MVC How to tutorials ( http://techfunda.com/howto/asp-net-mvc )

d) jQuery How to tutorials (http://techfunda.com/howto/jquery )

e) AngularJS How to tutorials ( http://techfunda.com/howto/angularjs )

f) Angular2 ( http://www.dotnetfunda.com/articles/cat/233/angular-2 )

g) JavaScript How to tutorials ( http://techfunda.com/howto/javascript )

h) CSS ( http://www.tutorialspoint.com/css/index.htm )

i) HTML5 How to tutorials (http://techfunda.com/howto/html5 )

For Mobile App developers , you need to learn at the minimum Xamarine . Few links below

a) http://developer.xamarin.com/videos/

Also we should be having knowledge on SQL Server (http://techfunda.com/howto/sql-server ).

Armed with all these, you need to practice by participating in various Technical forums like (StackOverflow , Dotnet Funda etc.) where you start answering question of others and start making projects (may it be sample ; never mind). This will help you to gather knowledge.

Once you are comfortable with all these, you are sure to become a good developer in dotnet and it's related technologies.

Hope this may help.

N.B.~ It's only a birds overview of the entire process to become a dotnet developer.

"There is nothing impossible to him who will try." - Alexander the Great

RNA Team

Thanks & Regards,
RNA Team

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Dear Neha...

Thanks for asking your question.

You are at the right place.

To start with, you can start learning ASP.NET MVC 5. ASP.NET Core (next version of ASP.NET) is still not mature so do not jump into this for now.

First download Visual Studio Community edition from www.asp.net website and then follow the step by step how to as described in TechFunda.com - http://techfunda.com/howto/asp-net-mvc. Before you do this, you should know C# so read C# tutorials at http://techfunda.com/howto/c.

Go through different sections of DotNetFunda.com regularly. For example follow the Interviews section and start learning each interview questions one by one for asp.net mvc category.

Follow the Articles sections, try to follow examples written in those article and every article would give you some knowledge.

In order to become a good Web developer in .NET, you should know JavaScript, HTML5, CSS3 and jQuery as well. Learn all of them from TechFunda.com that has description with demo url.

There are many other websites that may help. However do not get distracted by seeing too many websites, start with one and as and when you progress keeping looking for books and tutorials.

YouTube videos might also help.


Sheo Narayan

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Hi Neha,

Welcome to .net Funda.

We have many experts here in various technologies.
You can start your learning with DotNet Funda itself from the beginning.

Start with ASP.NET . We will surely help you out if you need any help.


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Great Manicse, keep helping

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Hello Neha,
If you want to learn dot net you have 2 ways Online & Offline learning.
I would like to prefer Offline learning with the reputed institute.

The advantage with .NET is that it is a framework from Microsoft. What makes it powerful is its support for multiple languages like C#, VB.Net etc. .NET offers functionality and features that support the development and running of Windows-based applications. In addition, it also offers connectivity with non-Windows platforms.
It is a known fact that Windows is a widely used and most popular O.S. platform. That’s the reason why .NET is so commonly used to develop software applications in the IT industry.

CRBtech, we offer intensive hands-on training and placement course in .NET, at our spacious corporate office that offers state of the art infrastructure and training facility in Pune. Our industry expert in-house faculty, coach and train candidates based on the requirements of the industry. Right from the basics of the programming language to the most advanced concepts.


CRBtech training experts perfectly comprehend what the industry requires and they know how to mold a student who is a beginner in the .NET domain. With their expert guidance, job aspirants will have an inside-out knowledge of the industry so as to hit the market with confidence and experience success!

I also have done my dot net certification this institute and place.

Thanks and Regards,

Indian | Software Developer | Bachelor of Computer Applications

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