Gridview Column Chooser Personalization

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Hi All

I have a asp:gridview where all column have header filter.

My requirement is to provide option where user can choose column order and save into the database so that next time when they will open it will display gridview column order based stored configuration.

Any third party control is also welcome which provide same configuration[client is ready to buy].

I also did google found jqGrid but its meeting our requirement.

Note: Gridview has more than 30 columns
Enviroment: ,C#,[No Mvc]

Thanks n Regards
Bhupendra Tiwari


Posted by: A2H on: 3/1/2017 [Member] [MVP] Silver | Points: 25

If you are looking for third party options then you can take a look at Telerik Persistance Framework
Sample Demo with Source code
You can use this control along with RadGrid which is grid control provided by Telerik

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