How to added in this items

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How to add Hrs,sec,am and pm in Dropdownlist in MVC5

I need like this Dropdownlist 5 min intervals

09:00 AM
09:05 AM
09:00 PM

how to create this list and assign Dropdownlist mvc5

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Follow the below steps.

1. Create a table as below and insert above time interval values into it.
create table IntervalDetails
int id identity(1,1),
interval varchar(10)

2. create a model for the newly created table.
Public class ABC
public int id {get;set;},
publice string interval {get;set;}

3. Create a controller method to get intervals details from db and store into list.
public void LoadInterval()

List<ABC> li = new List<ABC>();
--fetch record from db and loop through all items and store into the list. Now pass list to view using viewdata.
ViewData["xyz"] = li;

4. Bind drop down

@Html.DropDownList("timeintervals", ViewData["xyz"] as List<ABC>)

hope it helps.

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