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Hi All,

I have more than 10 years of exp in Software fields. I have been interviewed in a company where they asked me question related to Project management like below :-

suppose you have said that to design a project, then what will be the first approach like which architecture will you use and why and what things will you put in that architecture.

Please explain me step by step process or in simple terms so that i can crack the interview.

Thanks in advance.


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Hi Vishal,

First of all thanks that you are asking an question which need to consider when you work as a team lead or tech lead or architecture or even you have some experience you always have this type of question, but not decide or conclusion come.

This is very very wide question which comes from your experience only ( I thought), still may I not give you 100% exact answer.

Software architecture is critical for business success. Think about it. Solid architecture prevents defects and system failures. It saves money and gets quality products to the market faster. Please refer this

Here are some tips when you need to decide design a project

-> Need to understand the business process, user requirement for current system, user experience, quality attributes, technology old vs new (which we need to implement) etc.

-> Need to identify that the project use Intranet or Internet application. Ideally If multiple location application will be on internet or Intranet web application like where user have no time constraint about the loading page. While like any POS (Point of Sale ) application or customer billing application where required fast speed of application to save data quickly, you use Window application. Where some application need combination of multiple architecture like window and web (window for customer facing , while web to administration the whole business process).

-> Also there are so many back-end process needed which need to interact data from client to client server or distributed server to central server (that all upto the business need). Like any pos application need to data sync from distributed source terminal to central terminal at midnight, another example in mobile app for adroid/ios application fetch the data from web api from different different server with different different platform like oracle, sqlserver, cloud, third part api too.

Also you need to consider which architecture pattern with technology/platform which you need to implement.

Here refer the pdf about :-

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