How to know which event fires from start of windows form running visual studio 2015

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How to know which events fires from start of windows form running like load then textchanged etc.... .

I have some variables on load of form .

these variables have override to it .

but i dont know on which place or event fires after load

this windows form is very big coding lines

so that what actually need

Are there are any ways or tools tell me the events fires from program start to specified Process .

Also this is not normal event as load ,text changed these custom events is customized or done by another developers and i dont know any thing about source code .


so that i need any way by debug or trace or any way tell me

these events fire as textchange,load because more variables not display with actual values on load

and i have more function not return actual values on load

so that what i do to display event changes or override it .


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recover unsaved notepad files

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