Need and Use Cases of .Net Core

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What is .net Core and Scenarios to use it?


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Microsoft began working on the .NET framework in the late 1990s and the software development tool has undergone enormous changes since then. What originally made the framework so attractive was that it contained a class library that gives developers the freedom to write applications in any language (VB, C#, C++ etc.). Programs written in .NET are executed in a software environment called the Common Language runtime (CLR), an application virtual machine that provides security, memory management and exception handling.
The IT industry is undergoing constant change, so Microsoft have made some big alterations to the .NET Framework and specifically have rolled out .NET Core (which is also partially available to the open source community). In this post we’re going to look into this particular development in further depth.

What is .Net Core?
One of the main limitations of the .NET Framework was that it failed to share code across platforms. Now, however, .NET Core will provide developers with a library which can be deployed over various platforms and which also allows developers to import just the parts of the Framework they need for their projects.
The .Net Core Runtime has been released to the open-source community who will collaborate with the .NET team to improve and extend the platform. Licensed under the MIT open source license, the code now provides developers with a fully supported, open source, cross platform .Net stack for creating server and cloud applications. This will not only include compilers and the CLR, but also the core .NET base class libraries and the higher level .NET Web, Data and API Frameworks.


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