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My application is ONLINE examination. Something like computer based test.( CBT) where people can do online register for courses, get the exam dates , give their test on specific dates. get the score card and certificate later. All these 3months of process. It may take one semister time from beginning of the registration till get the certification.

This online is not general online tests ( Like GRE, certification courses etc...) I mean get the result immediately , get the certificate there and then...otherwise conceptual same but nature was different. This online test i am talkinga about university for their students. ( For example correspondenc courses.)

this application must be accessible through out the world

for this application i want to know

what type of

logical architecture
physical architecture
conceptual architecture
interface architecture
technology architecture

what type of technology to use(is it ok with .net)
what are the different modules in application
how one module talks with another module
how many webservers are needed
what type of webservers(iis or anyother)
application server
how frontend is designed
what is the database server(sqlserver/oracle/mysql,....)

depending on the above question what would you suggest

please give me the architectural design

please reply back as soon as possible



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hi Ragha

Your Question is very Broad. Really i can give advice there and there. Firstly .NET is the good for the type of Application you want to create, you want this application to be accessable through out the world, then you can make it a ASP.NET Project and logical architecture
physical architecture you can use N-Tier Style.

Ragha wrote:
what are the different modules in application i dont really understand what you mean here.

Ragha wrote:
how many webservers are needed
It depends on the numbers of users you are expecting. Now if you considering more than one IIS, then you should know the WebFarm Architecture and that can change your application Desgin entirely , then if you are using N-Tier, there is not much to change

Ragha wrote:
what type of webservers(iis or anyother)

well i prefare IIS , i have never hosted on any other WEbserver. and its Simple to host on IIS especially if you design your app in ASP.NET

Ragha wrote:
application server
You are really confusing me now. IIS will be your Appliction server.

Ragha wrote:
how frontend is designed

That will be up to you, we cant know that

Ragha wrote:
what is the database server(sqlserver/oracle/mysql,....)

Choose SQL, Am not a Fan of Oracle , because i have never come across an employer that uses it. I cant advice you to use MySQL , when you get stuck few people can help you. but if are using SQL then your problem will be common, it can be even be googled and there are a lot of resources on it

Man good Luck , i have tried to help you as i can

Thank you for posting at Dotnetfunda

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