Creating a role based ASP.NET menu using sitemap control for ADFS authentication mechanism

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Hi WebGurus,

I am currently using ADFS authentication mechanism to authenticate the user. In that case I am setting authenticationmode as None instead of forms authentication. After the user loggedIn successfully the claims object will provide the role data associated with the loggedIn user so in that case how the sitemap roles attribute will be able to pick up the role from the claims object. Can you explain me how the securityTrimmingEnabled property will be used.
I used the custom class ADFSRoleProvider.cs which inherits the RoleProvider class and overridden the method GetRolesForUser method but the method is not invoked unless I am setting the

<authentication mode="Forms"/>

and this in turn is also not able to interact with the roles attribute mentioned in the siteMapNode node.
The main issue is after the user logins in successfully using the ADFS authentication mechanism how will the sitemap role attribute know about the role of the loggedIn User.
Could please provide some code sample and help regarding the above mentioned issue.

Thanks & Regards,
Santosh Kumar Patro

santosh kumar patro


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I have got a solution for the above problem. Please refer to the below link.

Thanks & Regards,
Santosh Kumar Patro

santosh kumar patro

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