Adding XML shema to MS word document

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Hi Genius,

This is my requirement ...To create XML schema for MS Word document through automation using c sharp code.i did't get enough resource from google
about this requirement.I need some idea and reference code for how to do the following things

1.Select the word document [ex.resume] from system.
2.based on the document content,headings to add the xml schema for that word document using xml schema file(xsd).
3.After adding xml schema to that word document it has to generate a XML file.
4.From that XML file we have to fetch the content to variable.
5. Finally insert this details into database.

Please reply for this's very urgent.........



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OK , What ever I have Understand from above mentioned words , I can give some suggestion to you , it may not be complete solution after all we can discuss on this interesting matter .

If I can( have) create a XSD schema file based on word document or any other file for example you reference a resume.doc .
After that we can create xml as well as also .net object classes. To insert data in Database I recommend you to use IBATIS tool . For that you can create a service to interact with database . I'm also doing work in IBATIS in .NET .
See the link , yes here you will not get any database operation this is simple article .

PL response me there what I give you the link .

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