We have heard it has ready made functional modules for collaboration?

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Oh, yes you have heard it loud, right and clear. The best part about SharePoint is collaboration. Collaboration has four major entities people, task, data and communication.

So below are some key points of enterprise:-
• We have people in our organizations.
• People are assigned task.
• To complete task we need to exchange data.
• We also need to plan/monitor tasks.
• To communicate data we need a communication channel like email, WIKI etc.

SharePoint has lot of ready made function which can help us to accommodate all the requirements of collaboration. To see those ready made functionalities click on site actions and click on create. You will be popped with a list of reusable functionality page which you can pick up and achieve collaboration.

Now let’s map the ready made functionalities with collaboration requirements.

Ready made functionalities in SharePoint

People Contacts You can get this section in the communication section of the create page. It creates page which can help us to maintain contact information about people.
Task Tasks You can get this in the tracking section of the create page. It helps us to track task which your team member needs to complete.
Data Document library Its helps to share, edit and version documents.
  Picture Library Helps to share picture documents
  Translation management Helps to create document in multilingual languages.
  Data connection library It helps to share files that contain information about external data.
Monitoring  Project task You can get this in the tracking section of the create page. It gives a Gantt chart view of tasks.
  Issue tracking You can get this reusable functionality in the tracking section of create page. Its helps to manage / assign and prioritize issues from start to finish.
  Calendar Helps to create calendar for deadlines and events
Communication  WIKI Helps to create interconnected system like WIKI.
  Announcement Helps to share news and status through announcements.
  Discussion board Helps to create discussion board like the news group.

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