How can we enable these reusable components in my site?

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Ok, now that we are familiar with the reusable components and how they map to the collaboration requirements. Its time add one reusable functionality in your website. We will add a link inside the documents menu called as ‘SharePoint tutorial’. In this section team can upload tutorials for SharePoint in word document format. It’s a simple three step process so let’s understand the same step by step.

Step 1:- Click on the site actions and click on create link from the menu. You will be displayed reusable functionalities provided by SharePoint. Select ‘Document library’ from the libraries section.

Step 2 :- Give the link name as ‘SharePoint tutorial’ and select document types to be unloaded as word format. For this you need to select the document template to be of type ‘Microsoft word’.

Step 3:- Bravo! You can now see the SharePoint tutorial link and you can click on upload to push in a word document inside this library collection.

You can see from the figure below how we have uploaded a word document i.e. “SharePoint tutorial”. You can right click and experiment with more functionalities like check out , versioning , workflow , send alerts when document is modified etc etc.

Note: - You can try adding other functionalities like WIKI, announcement board, picture library and lot more. So feel free to experiment and see how you can easily leverage the reusable functionalities to meet the collaboration requirements.

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