How to manage session state in Azure?


what is Redis cache in Azure App Service?

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What is Session management in .Net application?

Session state is used to store and retrieve values for a user across ASP.NET pages in a web application.

ASP.NET server provides four different session modes:

(a) InProc
(b) StateServer
(c) SQLServer
(d) Custom Provider

Azure, ASP.NET server provides the following new options to manage the state:

(a) Azure TableStorage
(b) SQL Azure
(c) Windows Azure Cache
(d) Azure cache Service

Windows Azure Cache? (OR) what is Redis cache in Azure App Service?

Windows Azure Caching is most preferable option. Redis Cache service is the fastest and simple to use. ASP.NET web app uses session state, then we can achieve this through an external session state provider.

Redis Caching gives good .NET API that enables developers to easily interact with the Caching Service to enable access to saved session.

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