Explain "Hello World " in Aurelia

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Let us first create the app.js file inside the src folder and write the below


export class App{
constructor() {
this.sayHello = "Hello World";


It is the model. The sayHello is the property that we will bind to the view. The Constructor method is used for initializing object created inside a class.

Now, let us create the view which is app.html file inside the src folder and write the below



The sayHello property is bound to the HTML template by using ${sayHello} syntax. It is the one way binding.

Now create the main.js file inside the src folder


export function configure(aurelia) {
aurelia.start().then(() => aurelia.setRoot());

This tells Aurelia to configure itself by exporting a configure method using the basicConfiguration. The setRoot method is the root of the UI component tree that Aurelia needs to render.

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