What is the best alternate for SQL Profiler as it is being deprecated in future releases?

 Posted by Bandi on 8/31/2017 | Category: Sql Server Interview questions | Views: 22478 | Points: 40
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  1. SSMS
  2. DMVs
  3. Extended Events
  4. None
  5. All Above

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Posted by: Lindachaney on: 2/2/2018 | Points: 10
The last one
Posted by: Jerbrown on: 2/19/2018 | Points: 10
Posted by: Prabha547 on: 3/21/2019 | Points: 10
By default, running SQL Server Profiler requires the same user permissions as the Transact-SQL stored procedures that are used to create traces. To run SQL Server Profiler, users must be granted the ALTER TRACE permission. For more information, see GRANT Server Permissions (Transact-SQL).
Posted by: Rorychance on: 11/19/2019 | Points: 10
Give thanks to you for your details that you've distributed. It's really ideal for me.

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