Explain the Share Point Architecture.

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Having 3 layers, like 3 tire architecture

1. WFE <Front End Web Server>
2. Application Layer
3. Data base Layer

1. WFE :-
Here we have share point Installed.
We have 12-hive structure & virtual drives.
Here IIS web sites are hosted.
Here servers are clustered on & are in synch.

2. Application Lay er:-
Share Point provides different services.
This layer provides those services, like my site hosting, user profile & searching etc.
One server can be dedicated to particular service depend upon the scalability.

3. Data Base Layer :-
Here we have SQL server installed.
Here content DB is hosted.
For moss 2007, it is SQL server 2005. For Share Point 2010, it is SQL server 2008.
Here servers are clustered on & are in synch.

* Every layer has load balancer for control the traffic.

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