Differences between a GroupBox and a Panel.

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GroupBox and Panel are 2 of the Container Controls(which contain other User Interface Controls)


1)It has the Text property.

2)We cannot display scrollbars on GroupBox.

3)It does not have the click event.
other events that are missing include MouseMove, MouseDown, MouseUp events

4)BorderStyle property is not there as Border or Frame is there by default.

However, FlatStyle property can be used to determine the control's appearance when the user moves the mouse over the control.


1)It does not have the Text property.

2)We can display scrollbars on Panel if the height/width of the child controls exceeds that of the Panel. For that set AutoScroll property to true.

3)It has the click event.

It has also got MouseMove, MouseDown, MouseUp events

4)To display Border, we have to use the BorderStyle property.

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