Difference between Response.Write and Response.Output.Write

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Response.Write and Response.Output.Write are both used to write messages on the screen

1)Response.Output.Write allows us to write a more formatted output:

Response.Output.Write("hello {0}", "asp.net");
//It is Ok
But, Response.Write("hello {0}","asp.net");
//It is wrong

2) As per ASP.NET 3.5, Response.Write has 4 overloads, while Response.Output.Write

has 17 overloads.

example: To write integer,double, boolean values using Response.Write, we are

provided with one overloaded version:-> Response.Write(object obj);

To do the same thing using Response.Output.Write, we are provided with separate

overloaded versions :
ex:1) Response.Output.Write(int s);

2) Response.Output.Write(double s);

3) Response.Output.Write(bool b);

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