What is the difference between ASP.NET and VB.NET?

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ASP.Net is a program application with server controls with programmable objects, which can do the same job HTML did in the past. ASP.Net is used to build a Website and VB.Net is a computer language you use to build the site. Some use VB.Net and others use C# (C Sharp language) to build a website. Using ASP. Net and VB.Net or C# you can build an E-commerce store, which has multi functional capabilities. You can integrate PayPal or one of the other payment programs into your site. Create an Email system, speed up the applications by caching the pages and the data within the pages of your site and do a number of other things to successfully run an E- commerce store on the Internet.

ASP.Net is very successful Web application platform used by individuals and many large companies, who want to build and run their own websites. ASP.Net provides server controls with the ability to give you rich web content and more. Anyone willing to purchase the software and learn how to properly use this technology can use the tools, and application system to build a great Website. You can develop and build your own database choosing to use VB.net or C# language. Many websites today, which were built in the past used HTML language to build their websites.

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