How to force the protocol(NamedPipe or TCP/IP) connection when connect locally on Server ?

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Normally, when we try to connect the Server from locally, It will connect with Shared Memory protocol.

If the Server Name : SQLFunda
If the Instance Name : SQLBuddy

But, we can force the connection either Named Pipe or TCP/IP

Forcing TCP/IP:
i.e: tcp:SQLFunda\SQLBuddy

Forcing NamedPipe:
i.e: np:SQLFunda\SQLBuddy

Once connected. we can verify that what kind of connection made ?
select s.session_id [Session ID], 

e.Name [Protocol Used]
from sys.dm_exec_sessions s join sys.endpoints e
on (s.endpoint_id = e.endpoint_id)

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Hi PandianS,

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