Which is the most widely used web-server?

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The most widely used web server is the Apache HTTP Server because it is free of cost ,Microsoft IIS(Internet Information Services) is the second most widely used web server.

Apache HTTP Server:

• Apache HTTP Server was developed by Apache Software Foundation , First released in 1995 .

• Apache is also called as free open-source web server(Open source refers to a program or software in which the source code is available to the general public for use )

• it is free software by the Apache Software Foundation .

• Apache is a powerful web-server that handles more than half web sites available on the Internet.

• Apache was Originally designed for Unix servers and now also used for Windows NT .

• Apache is specifically developed to increase throughput (handling more requests in less time slot) and to decrease latency (Total time taken to handle request).

Internet Information Server:

• IIS is called Internet Information Server .It is easy to manage platform for developing and hosting Web applications and services.

• This web server is created by Microsoft specifically for use with Microsoft Windows . So it is limnited to use with Microsoft Windows .

• When local IIS web site is created,there is a default IIS folder InetPub\wwwroot , where the pages and all the folders for our site are stored.

• It is the most used web server after Apache HTTP Server , because of its security,reliability and scalability.

• IIS is not got installed by default when Windows is installed.

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