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What is XSLT?

XSLT (Extensible Stylesheet Language Transformation) is the stylesheet language for XML data.
What is XSL?

A language used to transform XML based data into HTML or other presentation format for display in the web browser.

XSL specifies the styling of an XML document by using XSLT to describe how the document is transformed into another XML document that uses the formatting vocabulary.
What is CDF?

CDF (Channel Definition Format) is an XML based data format used in the Microsoft internet explorere 4.0 and later to describe active channel contents and desktop contents.
What is complex data types?

An element that can contain other elements or attributes is known as Complex Data Type.
What is Data Source Object?

Data Source Object provides a way to bind HTML controls directly to an XML data island.
What is DOM?

DOM (Document Object Model) is a platform and language neutral interface that allows program & scripts to dynamically access & update the content, structure & style of the documents.
What is Document Type Definition (DTD)?

DTD (Document Type Definition) can essentially defines the rules of the document eg. which element are present and the structural relationship between the elements.
What is XML?

XML (Extensive Markup Language) is a subset of SGML that is optimized for delivery over the web.


XML provides a uniform method for describing & exchanging structured data that is independent of applications and vendor.

XML is the web language for data exchange.
What is SOAP?

SOAP (Simple Object Access Protocol) is the union of XML and HTTP. SOAP is W3C submitted note that uses XML and HTTP to encode & transmit application data.
What’s a proxy of the server object in .NET Remoting?

It’s a fake copy of the server object that resides on the client side and behaves as if it was the server. It handles the communication between real server object and the client object. This process is also known as marshaling.
What are remotable objects in .NET Remoting?

Remotable objects are the objects that can be marshaled across the application domains. You can marshal by value, where a deep copy of the object is created and then passed to the receiver. You can also marshal by reference, where just a reference to an existing object is passed.
What is a formatter?

A formatter is an object that is responsible for encoding and serializing data into messages on one end, and deserializing and decoding messages into data on the other end.
What’s SingleCall activation mode used for?

If the server object is instantiated for responding to just one single request, the request should be made in SingleCall mode.
What’s Singleton activation mode?

A single object is instantiated regardless of the number of clients accessing it. Lifetime of this object is determined by lifetime lease.
What security measures exist for .NET Remoting in System.Runtime.Remoting?

None. Security should be taken care of at the application level. Cryptography and other security techniques can be applied at application or server level.
What are the consideration in deciding to use .NET Remoting or ASP.NET Web Services?

Remoting is a more efficient communication exchange when you can control both ends of the application involved in the communication process. Web Services provide an open-protocol-based exchange of informaion. Web Services are best when you need to communicate with an external organization or another (non-.NET) technology.
What is DOM?

Document Object Model (DOM) is a W3C specification that defines a standard (abstract) programming API to build, navigate and update XML documents. It is a "tree-structure-based" interface. As per the DOM specification, the XML parsers (such as MSXML or Xerces), load the entire XML document into memory, before it can be processed. XPath is used to navigate randomly in the document, and various DOM methods are used to create and update (add elements, delete elements, add/remove attributes, etc.) the XML documents.
What is UDDI?

UDDI is a platform-independent framework for describing services, discovering businesses, and integrating business services by using the Internet.

1. UDDI stands for Universal Description, Discovery and Integration
2. UDDI is a directory for storing information about web services
3. UDDI is a directory of web service interfaces described by WSDL
4. UDDI communicates via SOAP
5. UDDI is built into the Microsoft .NET platform
What is WSDL?

WSDL (Web Services Description Language) is an XML-based language for describing Web services and how to access them.
Describe the term Channel in .Net Remoting

In .Net Remoting, an application use Channel to send message to another application which is runing in different domain or process. Before sending message, Channel converts message into appropriate format like XML or binary format. The channel that carries message(Mashalled parameter) can use protocal like TCP and HTTP. Channel can be HTTPChannel and TCPChannel. The HTTPChannel use soapFormatter to serialize messages into the XML format using SOAP protocal. Using SOAP method allows the client to call method on the remote object that might not be using .Net framework. The TCPChannel use binaryFormatter to serialize message into binary stream.
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