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What is Amazon Cloud?

Well, the proper name for that is Amazon Web Services or AWS. AWS is the public
cloud. It's an offering which can be best described as Infrastructure as a Service, and what that means is it allows the public, in general, to be able to procure or rent from AWS, resources for performing compute tasks, storage, as well as networking.
Explain Virtual Private Cloud

Virtual Private Cloud is very interesting capability that Amazon EC2 offers. It's really designed to address the needs for secure and private ways of conducting computing tasks.What Virtual Private Cloud does is it isolates the traffic and puts it over a secure network link using IPsec protocol between data center and resources in the public cloud. What it also does is it locates systems, even though they're running a shared infrastructure, it locates them behind firewalls, and makes them protected by the rules and processes that are instituted by the organization. They are running on the IP address range that belongs to the company or organization.
Why Cluster Compute instances are very special?

Cluster Compute instances are a very special type of instance, and the reason they're special is the virtualization infrastructure is much more direct to the hardware, so it's got a smaller impact on the performance, but more important, the instances that are cluster compute instances can communicate with each other over a very high bandwidth, 10 GB Ethernet networking. That's a great capability that we may employ when dealing with very large data transfers in between your instances.
What is Micro Instance?

It is available in both 32- and 64-bit platforms. However, we will notice that the amount of memory that we get in that instance is very low. On the compute capacity side, it actually gives us a reasonable amount of compute power in bursts. However, because
it has so little memory, it really is not designed for production, database, or big data workloads.
Explain Instance storage

Instance storage is something that is—that you do get for free. It is attached to your instance, as the name would suggest, but one of the key aspects of the instance storage is it is nonpersistent. What that means is when you shut down your virtual
machine or instance or if it was to fail, the storage that you have that is instant storage, will be gone. So will the data that is residing on the storage. This data is non-recoverable. It's a very important point to address and understand. Instant
storage is available or included in the price of your instance, but is non-persistent.
Explain Elastic Block Store or EBS.

Elastic Block Store or EBS is the persistent store. It does behave and look identical to any disk, right, that you would typically mount and attach to your operating system. These disk drives can be allocated in sizes between 5 MB and 1 TB. You can mount multiple volumes of EBS storage and attach them to your machine. You can RAID these volumes just like you would normal hard disks. However, there is a charge for this storage. The charges are for reserved capacity. Based on the size of the drive that you've allocated, you'll be charged for whatever the size of the drive is on a monthly basis, and the prices are $0.10/GB/month.
What is S3 storage?

The best way to think of this is a file, older-based storage, accessible to REST APIs, so it's not accessible through the normal disk read-write APIs. You cannot mount it as a disk. It is a great way to store large amounts of data, for example, if you're going to be bringing into your cluster or into your database. It's also a great way to store backup for a database and so on. The charges in here are based on the amount of storage actually
used, so there's no reservation for this storage. They start at $0.14/GB/month. There are also charges for data transfers, and we're dealing with data, we're always concerned about what will it cost for us to move the data into the cloud or get it out of the cloud when need be.
What is ServerTemplate from Right Scale prespective?

• ServerTemplates are the blueprint for a server.
• They are available in the MultiCloud Marketplace.
• When ServerTemplates are imported into a RightScale account, the MultiCloud Images
and RightScripts (or Chef Recipes) are included.
• And, all of these items are under version control and can be revised and customized.
What is Server Array in Right Scale?

• A server array is an adaptive collection of identical Servers.
• A Server Array can grow or shrink to accommodate changes in demand.
• Alert-based Server Arrays respond to conditions specified by Alert messages.
• And queue-based Server Arrays adapt by increasing parallelism and are used in Grid
Computing applications.
What is Bundling?

In Public Cloud Providers, you can bundle a running instance to create a bundled image,which is a bootable monolithic image that you can later use to launch duplicate Instance(s) in the same Cloud.
Why bundling is not a recommended best practice?

• It is time consuming
• It wastes of expensive storage space in the Cloud
• Bundled images are cloud-specific and architecture-specific
• There is no accountability; and they present difficult reproducibility
• They present a versioning nightmare
• After bundling all small changes don’t get captured until you bundle again.
• And each bundle typically results in a 2GB to 3GB file.
What is MultiCloud Marketplace in RightScale prespective?

The MultiCloud Marketplace contains all of the reusable RightScale components such as ServerTemplates, RightScripts, MultiCloud Images, and Macros that we can use to build and launch instances in various cloud infrastructures. Instead of wasting time and effort trying to create all of these components from scratch, we can simply leverage preconfigured components that have been published by RightScale, an ISV Partner, or someone else. Before we attempt to create a RightScale component of our own (e.g. ServerTemplate for launching PHP Application Servers), we should browse through the MultiCloud Marketplace to see if a similar component already
exists that we can import and clone for our own purposes.
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