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What is basic unit of WF ?

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What is Windows Workflow Foundation

WWF is a programming model for building work flow enabled applications on windows.
System.WorkFlow namespace has all the necessary modules to develop any type of work
What are different types of Workflow in Windows Workflow foundation?

There are two basics type of workflow Sequential Workflow and State machines workflow.
A sequential workflow has clear start and finish boundaries. Workflow controls execution
in Sequential workflow. In sequential execution one task is executed after other. Sequential
workflow is more rigid in format and execution path has a determistic nature.
A State machine workflow is more dynamic in nature. Basically workflow has states and
the state waits for events to help it move to next state. In State machine execution path is
undetermestic nature
What is WWF ?

WWF is Windows Workflow Foundation.
It is a technology which was first introduced in .NET Framework 3.0.
For building workflow-based applications on Windows quickly, the WF consists of:

A programming model,
A workflow runtime engine,
Workflow designer,
A rules engine, and

WF facilitates the separation between the business process code and the actual implementation code.
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