Difference between Asp.Net MVC and Webforms?

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1. Asp.net Webform follows an event-driven development model whereas Asp.net Mvc follow Model, View, Controller design pattern.

2. Asp.net Webform has server controls whereas Asp.net Mvc has Html helpers for creating UI of application.

3.Asp.net Webforms has state management techniques whereas Asp.net Mvc doesn't have automatic state management techniques.

4. Asp.net Webform has file- based Urls means file name exists in Url whereas Asp.net Mvc has route-based Url.

5. In Asp.net webform, webforms(Aspx) are tightly coupled to code-behind (Aspx.cs) whereas in Asp.net Mvc, Views and logic are kept separately.

6. Asp.net Webform has Master page for consistent look and feel whereas in Asp.net Mvc layout is for this.

7. Asp.net Webform has User Controls for code re-usability whereas in Asp.net Mvc partial view is for this.

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