Differentiate Boxing & Unboxing, Stack & Heap Memory and Value type & Reference Type(C# Interview Questions & Answers)

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This 1 hour of video will take you through some of the tricky and connected questions around the C# concepts - Stack, Heap, Value types, Reference Types, Boxing, Unboxing :-

Question 1. Explain stack and Heap ?
Question 2. Where are stack and heap stored ?
Question 3. What goes on stack and what goes on heap ?
Question 4. How is the stack memory address ?
Question 5. How is stack memory deallocated LIFO or FIFO ?
Question 6. How is memory and values stored primitive and ref ?
Question 7. Can primitive data types be stored in heap ?
Question 8. Explain value types and reference types ?
Question 9. What is byval and byref ?
Question 10. Differentiate on copy by value and copy by ref ?
Question 11. What is boxing and unboxing ?
Question 12. Is boxing unboxing good or bad ?
Question 13. Can we avoid boxing and unboxing ?
Question 14. What effect does boxing and unboxing have on performance ?
Question 15. Are string allocated on stack or heap ?
Question 16. How many stack and heaps are created for an application ?
Question 17. How are stack and heap memory deallocated ?
Question 18. Who clears the heap memory ?
Question 19. Where is structure allocated Stack or Heap ?
Question 20. Are structures copy byval or copy byref ?
Question 21. Can structures get created on Heap ?

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