Learn Azure DevOps Step by Step (for Beginners)

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This 2 Hours of tutorial is purely dedicated for understanding basic fundamentals and practical in detailed manner where following lessons are explained -

Chapter 1:- Opening Azure Devops account and creating project.
Chapter 2:- Devops Fundamentals and EIGHT structure life cycle of Devops.
Chapter 3:- Accessing Azure devops project from Azure portal.
Chapter 4:- Understanding Organization,Project structure.
Chapter 5:- Understanding Private and Public project.
Chapter 6:- Mapping Boards,Repos,Pipelines,Testplan & Artifacts with Devops life cycle.
Chapter 7:- Revising the five important elements of Azure devops.
Chapter 8:- Step 1 The planning phase :- Understanding Boards and work items.
Chapter 9:- Step 2 Execution :- Checking Simple MVC project code, Cloning, Commit,Synch in Azure repos.
Chapter 10:- Revising Azure devops life cycle using the 5 important elements.
Chapter 11:- Flattening the Azure devops life cycle diagram.
Chapter 12:- Defining and Understanding Agents in Azure Devops.
Chapter 13:- Using project settings to configure agents.
Chapter 14:- Hosted Agents and Local agents(Self hosted agents).
Chapter 15:- Step 3 Build :- Creating pipeline and Running the pipeline.
Chapter 16:- YAML file and versioning in Azure repos.
Chapter 17:- Understanding the "No hosted Parallelism Error" in Azure Devops.
Chapter 18:- Understanding Self hosted agent and Agent pools.
Chapter 19:- Running,Downloading,Extracting agents,Running Config & Entering PAT.
Chapter 20:- Assiging Self hosted agents in YAML Pipeline.
Chapter 21:- Running YAML pipeline with Self hosted agents.
Chapter 22:- Definition and Acronym of YAML.
Chapter 23:- YAML basics name/value,space indented,Nested objects & Hyphens.
Chapter 24:- Understanding Azure Devops YAML structure(Steps and Tasks).
Chapter 25:- Practicing Pipeline UI:- Recent,All,Runs,Editing and seeing details.
Chapter 26:- Updating YAML with publish task.
Chapter 27:- Step 4 :- Running the pipeline and checking the artifact
Chapter 28:- Drop folder,Extracting artifact,viewing the compiled binaries.
Chapter 29:- Doing a Manual Review(Installing IIS and publishing the ASP.NET app)
Chapter 30:- Understanding Deployment groups.
Chapter 31:- Agent pools vs Deployment groups vs Individual agents.
Chapter 32:- Creating a deployment groups using powershell scripts.
Chapter 33:- Creating release pipelines.
Chapter 34:- Step 5 :- Running the release pipeline.
Chapter 35:- Revising the complete Azure devops cycle.

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