Learn Power BI Step by Step from scratch in 2 Hours

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This is a dedicated tutorial for Power BI beginners who are looking to boost their career in business analytics. Microsoft Power BI is a Business Intelligence tool and with the help of this video you can get started with Step by Step learning starting right from very basic concepts -

Chapter 1:- What is Business Intelligence, Power BI and Why Power BI ?
Chapter 2:- How to Download and Install Power BI
Chapter 3:- Interface Tour of Power BI Desktop
Chapter 4:- Connecting to Text/CSV Source File
Chapter 5:- Power Query Editor : Shaping up CSV Data, Working with Applied Steps, Renaming Data Table, Headers and Removing Blank Rows, Error Data, Replacing Values.
Chapter 6:- Loading Multiple Data : Excel Data with CSV Data.
Chapter 7:- Creating Duplicating Columns For Creating Relationship in Data Model.
Chapter 8:- Loading and Formatting Data in Stacked Bar Visual, Creating & Duplicating Pages
Chapter 9:- Working with Clustered Bar Chart, Pie Chart, Line Chart and Funnel Chart
Chapter 10:- Working with Slicers, Table, Donut Charts, Maps, Cards
Chapter 11 :- Understand types of filters, Data Filters, TopN, types of filters in power bi?
Chapter 12 :- Conditional Formating in Charts
Chapter 13 :- Linked Reports (Drill Through Report)
Chapter 14 :- Working with Bookmarks and Buttons
Chapter 15 :- Exploring Data with QnA Component
Chapter 16 :- Connecting SQL Server Database and creating visual
Chapter 17 :- Connecting Website URL and Creating Visuals
Chapter 18 :- What is Power Query ?
Chapter 19 :- Understanding Data Types and Creating Custom Tables
Chapter 20 :- Keep rows and remove rows
Chapter 21 :- Removing Special Characters (Rupee Symbol) From Strings (M-Function)
Chapter 22 :- Basic Calculations (Standard and Scientific), Conditional Columns and Creating Index

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