A Wonderful Experience of a winner in Article Writing Competition 2011 on DotNetFunda.com

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This post shares an experience and attachement with DotNetFunda.Com where we can get bunch of knowledge about microsoft technologies and chance to share our knowledge. An Interview with from Mr. Radha Srikanth, the 1st prize winner of DotNetFunda.com Article Writing Competition 2011.

Below is the text of Interview with from Mr. Radha Srikanth, the 1st prize winner of DotNetFunda.com Article Writing Competition 2011

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Q1 : Your dotnetfunda.com username ?

Q2 : How did you come to know dotnetfunda.com for the first time?
A2 : Searched for a question in google and it redirected to this DNF page. From then this journey of Wonderland started.

Q3 : Do you visit dotnetfunda.com regularly, what makes you visit dotnetfunda.com regularly?
A3:  Yes almost 3 to 4 hours every day. Can't explain better. DNF is my home page as many have google.

Q4: How frequently do you participate/contribute in different sections of dotnetfunda.com?
A4: As you know I am a moderator of interview section. I do participate and make sure that invalid questions are not posted through the admin panel provided.

Q5: What is good thing you like about dotnetfunda.com?
A5:  The implementation of user views is most faster than any other DotNet Community. Also the quality content available.

Q6: What other feature you want to have in dotnetfunda.com or where we you want improvement dotnetfunda.com?
A6:  Wan't to see the Chat functionality in DNF soon. As I have suggested in one of the forum thread. I know that it is in your to do list. Using this the users can solve there problems then and there it self.

Q7: Who is your role model or mentor on dotnetfunda.com?
A7: That is none another than Sheo Narayan. Not because he is the Founder of DNF, his dedication in sharing knowledge is impeccable. I still remember there are situations where he just write articles for the doubts which were asked in the forums then and there itself. Despite of his busy schedule ! There is more peciluar thing which i want to share these days many persons do not even care and watch their elder parents, but Sheo has created websites with their names and showed his respect by dedicating his extrodinary work to his parents. That is reason why I pick Sheo as my Mentor.

Q8: Any inspirational moment on dotnetfunda.com?
A8: Not one but many. The idea of writing a certification exam came from DNF .

Q9: Your feedback on dotnetfunda.com?
A9: This DNF gives absolutely fantastic platform for any upcoming graduate in the stream of IT. I strictly (strongly) recommend DNF by any means.

Q10: Have you learnt anything new from dotnetfuda.com, if yes can you list out few of them?
A10: Almost 1 new thing every day. In my regular process of approving the Interview questions many such things, that i came to know.

Q11: Have you referred dotnetfunda.com to anyone, if yes what medium have you chosen? If no why?
A11: In this regard I feel proud to say that at least 20 to 30 members have joined through my referral. Actually the idea of referring DNF to our friends had been initiated by me way back in forums section.

Q12: What makes you write this article?
A12: By seeing my fellow users work that hard and share their knowledge I thought why I can't write an article , although not because of prizes and all. The satisfaction acheived when some one comments that my article is helpful for them.This meant a lot for me.

Q13: How are you feeling after winning the prize?
A13: Absolutely fantastic. I Personally feel we feel happy only when we make our Parents Proud.


  1.  Do you follow dotnetfunda.com on Twitter?
  2.  Have you liked dotnetfunda.com on Facebook?
  3.  Have you added dotnetfunda.com to your LinkedIn network?

A14: YES

Q15: How are you going to share this news to your friends and colleagues?
A15: Already this news was spread and got a heap of appreciation mails. All this was only because of DNF.

Q16: What you want to say to the members of dotnetfunda.com?
A16: Only one thing - "Share what ever you know" and "Learn what ever you do not know !!!" As simple as that !!!

Thank you very much Srikanth!!! 

Appreciate your effort and keep rocking !

Best regards

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Comments or Responses

Posted by: SheoNarayan on: 7/7/2011 | Points: 25
Excellent job Srikanth, keep it up!

Posted by: Pandu_puri on: 7/7/2011 | Points: 25
Hi Srikanth.....

I am very very happy with your answers to DNF.....

Even i too agree with your answers and more over thanks for referring me and my friends to this site....

Really it's a useful site for the upcoming professionals in the Software field...
Posted by: Chvrsri on: 7/7/2011 | Points: 25
Hi Sheo and Pandu_puri,

Thank you so much !!!


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