Spreadsheet List In SharePoint 2010

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In this article we will have look on Spreadsheet List of SharePoint 2010.


   “Import Spreadsheet List” is a list, which imports Columns and data of existing spreadsheet like Microsoft Excel.
Let’s have look on Spreadsheet List.
 1) Go to your Team Site.
 2)  Go to “Create page”. Create Page is a central piece of SharePoint sites from where we can add List, Library, Pages, Subsites into our current site.
   A) Go to site Action and then click on More Options, Create Page will open 
   B) Click on Lists link available on quick launch and then click on create link.

 3) After Clicking on Create link here or More Options, “create page” would open


   A) On create page, in filter by section click on List.
   B) Select “Import Spreadsheet” List Template. 
   C) Click on Create Button.
   D) Note: Before Importing Spreadsheet, Make sure that you have one excel sheet with some data.
I have one excel sheet like below 

 4) After Clicking on Create button, New page would open.


   A) On New Page Type the Name for your Spreadsheet List. Here I have written “Course Details”.
   B) Click on Browse button for your file location and select your excel sheet. 
   C) After choosing excel sheet click on Import button.
5) After clicking on Import button, your specified Excel sheet would open
   A. Hint: See your task bar 


   B. On Excel Sheet, we have “Import to windows SharePoint services list” window
   C. On “Import to windows SharePoint services list” window, select Range Type as “Range of cells” then select range of data or cells that you want to    Import as list and finally click on import button.

 6) Now on our team site we can see imported Spreadsheet List.


 7) Note: By default imported Spreadsheet List would not appear on quick launch of your site. If you want to see it on quick launch, do followings
   A) Click on “All Site Content” link on quick launch.
   B) Under List section, click your Spreadsheet List for ex. Course Details List.
   C) Now your list would open, Go to List ribbon and then click on list settings.
   D)  Under General Settings section, click on “Title, description and navigation” link 
   E) Under Navigation section, for “display this list on the Quick Launch?” select Yes and click on save
   Now “Course Details” list, would have appears on quick launch

    Hope this would be useful for the readers! Thanks and do let me know your comments or feedback.




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