Installing and configuring Project Server 2013 - Part VI

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Installing Project Server 2013.
Read Installing and configuring Project Server 2013 - Part V before this article.


Insert Project Server 2013 Media into DVD Drive or copy it drive.
  1. Open Splash.hta file from media and, click on “Install Project Server”

  2. Enter valid Product key and click on continue.

  3. On this page, Select “I accept the terms of this agreement” and click on Continue.

  4. On Choose a File location accept default settings and click on “Install Now”.

  5. Wait for few minutes to complete the installation.

  6. On “Run Configuration Wizard” Page, select “Run the SharePoint Products Configuration Wizard now” and click on close.

  7. On “Welcome to SharePoint Products” page click on next.

  8. Click on “Yes”, to restart services if required.

  9. On “Completing the SharePoint Products Configuration Wizard” click on Next.

  10. Wait for few minutes to complete the configuration, and make sure that your configuration is successful.
    Click on “Finish” to close wizard and launch SharePoint Central Administration website to continue SharePoint configuration.

  11. On “Initial Farm Configuration” Page, click on “Start the Wizard” to create and configure service Applications for our SharePoint environment.

  12. On Services Page , In Service Account section

      • For User Name, write: COCSIT\SP_ServiceApps
      • Write Password of User COCSIT\SP_ServiceApps

    In Services section, accept default service application and click on next.

  13. On “Create Site Collection” page, click on skip.

  14. Make sure that, your farm configuration wizard is complete and successful.

    After Installing and Configuring SharePoint, Let’s create one Project Web Application Instance.

    Project Web App Instance is used to host Projects.

  15. On SharePoint Central Administration site, in quick launch section click on Application Management.

  16. On Application Management Page, go to Service Applications Section and click on “Manage Service Applications” link.

  17. On Service Applications Page, click on “Project Server Service Application” link. 

  18. On “Manage Project Web Apps” Page, click on “Create Project Web App Instance” link.

  19. On “Create Project Web App Instance” page,

     • For Web Application: select default web application i.e. SharePoint-80.
     • For Project Web App Path, Write: PWA.
     • For Administrator Account, write: COCSIT\SP_Admin.
     • Accept default for others and click on OK.

  20. Wait for few minutes, Project web App is “Waiting for Resources”. Once the status is provisioned we can access our web app.

  21. Open site http://cocsitsp/PWA, once it open, you can start creating Projects.


In this article we have seen how to Install Project Server 2013. Hope this would be useful for the readers! Thanks and do let me know your comments or feedback. 
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Comments or Responses

Posted by: Mithil on: 3/13/2016 | Points: 25
Dear Nilkant Jagtap
Appreciate a very well-written step-by-step procedure. It all went smoothly for me . . but till the (almost) last -

After Step 12 - On Services Page , In Service Account section

• For User Name, write: COCSIT\SP_ServiceApps
• Write Password of User COCSIT\SP_ServiceApps

In Services section, accept default service application and click on next.

On clicking NEXT, it makes me wait for an extremely long time, then throws an error. Shows Farm Configuration Wizard to be ALWAYS in progress, and 0%. Have I done something not mentioned in your article (e.g. login as Administrator for installing Project Server, keep internet on, etc)?

I am installing on a Virtual Hard disk, single domain. Can I do everything with only Administrator account (and not create accounts under Organizational Unit?)

Plz suggest solution/workaround - you can imagine my frustration, getting stuck at the last step!!

Thanks and Regards
Posted by: Nilkantjagtap on: 3/13/2016 | Points: 25
Dear Mithil ,
Thank You!!
Please send me picture, error message, check event log for any SP error. Please write a detail about your environment. Make sure that you are local administrator on server. (
Posted by: Mithil on: 3/25/2016 | Points: 25
Dear Nilkant

You hit the nail on the head!! You're right - one application pool wasn't running in IIS. Started it, and Aal Izz Well!!


Heartiest THANKS!!

Best Regards

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