Installing and configuring Project Server 2013 - Part I

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In this article, We will look into how to install and configure Project Server 2013.


In this article, we will look into how to install and configure Project Server 2013.
Before doing installation of Project server let us understand my base topology.

What I have? 

What is output?

Hardware and Software Requirement

Minimum Hardware:
  1. Processor: 64 bit, four core, 2.5 GHz. 
  2. RAM: 8 GB 
  3. Hard disk: 80 GB
Software Requirement
  1. Operating System:

    Windows Server 2012 ( 64-bit ) 
     • Windows Server 2008 R2 SP1 (64-bit) 

  2. SQL Server: 

     • SQL Server 2012 (64-bit)
     • SQL Server 2008 R2 SP1

  3. SharePoint server 2013:

     • Project server runs as service application of SharePoint 2013, so SharePoint 2013 installation is required for      project server 2013.
For More details, please visit below link:

Tasks to Do

  • Installing ADS and DNS Server.
  • Creating service account and administrative account for installation of SQL Server, SharePoint and Project server.
  • Installing SQL Server 2012.
  • Installing Prerequisites for SharePoint 2013.
  • Installing SharePoint 2013.
  • Installing Project Server 2013.
Let us start with our tasks On COCSITDC

Installing ADS and DNS Server 

Following task has to be done on COCSITDC Server – Login as Administrator
  1. On Task bar click “Server Manager”.

  2. On Server Manager Window, click on Manage and then select “Add Roles and Features”.

  3. On Add Roles and Features Wizard Window, click on Next.

  4. On Select Installation type select “Role Based or Feature-based installation” and then click on Next.

  5. On Select destination server window, make sure that “Select a Server from the server pool” option is selected
    and COCSITDC is listed and selected in Server Pool. On Select destination server window click on Next.

  6. On Select server roles , select “Active Directory Domain Services”, After selecting “Active Directory Domain
    Services”, on Add Roles and Features Wizard click on “Add Features”, which would be prerequisites for
    installing ADDS.

  7. Again on Select server roles window select “DNS Server” role,After Selecting “DNS Server”, On Add Roles and
    Features Wizard window, click on “Add Features” which would be prerequisites for “DNS Server”.

  8. After selecting “Active Directory Domain Services”,”DNS Server” Roles and their prerequisites, click on Next.

  9. On Select Features page, click on Next.

  10. On Active Directory Domain Services Page, click on Next.

  11. On DNS Server Page, click on Next.

  12. On Confirm installation selections page click on “Install” button.

  13. On Installation Progress page, wait for few minutes.After installation succeeded, click on close button.

    Note: Here we have finished the installation of ADDS and DNS Role, now we need to do additional configuration to promote this server as Domain Controller.

  14. On Server Manager Page, click on Notifications and then click on “Promote this server to a domain
    controller” link.

  15. On Deployment Configuration Page
     • For Deployment Operation – Select “Add a new forest” .
     • For Root domain name – type “COCSIT.COM” .

  16. On Domain Controller Options Page
     • In functional level section
       i. For Forest functional level – select Windows Server 2012
    ii. For Domain functional level – select windows Server 2012
     • In Specify domain controller capabilities section
       i. Select Domain Name System (DNS Server)
      ii. Select – Global Catalog

    Type password for Directory Services Restore Mode and then click on Next.

  17. On DNS Options page, click on Next.

  18. On Additional Options Page,For NetBIOS domain name, type COCSIT and then click on next.

  19. On Paths Page, accept default settings and then click on next.

  20. On Review Options page, click on next.

  21. On prerequisites check page, make sure that all prerequisites checks passed successfully.
    Click “Install” on prerequisites check page.

  22. On Installation page, wait for few minutes.After completion of Installation, close all windows.

  23. After Installation succeeded, click on start menu, to see DNS and AD services.


In this part, we have installed ADDS, DNS role and have promoted COCSITDC as Domain Controller. In next part we will see how to Create service account and administrative account for installation of SQL Server, SharePoint.

Read Installing and configuring Project Server 2013 - Part II after this article.
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