Usage of Web access in Team Foundation Server 2012

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In TFS Web Access, we can plan, track and manage work items in Team Foundation Server without a need for a dedicated client application like (Visual Studio, Test Professional…).


This article explains us to how to use  TFS web access..web access are mainly driven by two things Permissions and process templates which dictate how work items look, what states they go through etc. 

Hope you have look at my Part 1 article as this was the continuation 

After Clicking on the Web access we will see the following screen with all the projects

Click on a project and we can see all the team members as shown below

Now lets add a new team member as shown on Manage all members under members list and then click
on add in the pop up window

 Now lets create a bug click on Bug in specific project and assign as shown below..Here we can assign to a particular member..

Lets Create a Task for a specific Project and assign to a member as shown below

we can also check the recent changes done by all users as shown 


so far in this article we have learned how to use TFS web access and how to add a member to the project and how to assign a bug and task and check the recent changes done


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