Life of a Software Developer in a Company and how to deal with it

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An article on a software developer in a company and how he can be effective in his work and some tips for them.

Webmaster comment: Even if below article seems not well written (in terms of English grammar) but the gist of the topic is good. So approved.

Being a software developer I want to share some thoughts to overcome from the dull and pressure work in company.Software developer is a person, who uses his skill to provide a software application to make the work effective and manageable. I have been for 2+ year in industry. While delivering the application to the client, the developer feels self-satisfied and proud, that he has contributed for the welfare. But actually developer life becomes boring and dull, as he works a lot within a deadline. He makes sure that all the functionalities works properly, tests his application a lot, If any change request comes, he has to revise his code an again re-works. Work for home is common for developer.
So, How to enjoy as software developer?

Always try to share knowledge and reads the blogs as you will be able to know the things that you can do. As before, I was not knowing the String.Format() concepts, but my friend shared the String.Format() concept and its uses. So, I got to know where to use it, now I am using it without surfing its concept on Internet.

Work effectively, as I mentioned before without knowledge the concept you cannot work. Exp. As if you do not know how to sort the Data View Columns , you will have to surf how to sort and have to be sure that it can work. After that only you can read the syntax and can apply in the code, which will take 20 min. But if you know the concept, you will need 5 min to see the syntax and merge it in your code, So you can finish the task quickly and will not be stressed.

At last join the communities like dotnetfunda and many other for continuously updations, articles. posts, forum etc. So you can learn a lot and you can share your thoughts and codes. In childhood parents and teachers use to say that if you write the contents, you will remember it over a long span of time when compared to reading, so make use of pen and paper. If the tasks or work comes, discuss with the seniors or managers that the task will take the specific time. I have seen that without discussing there are many misunderstanding, so discussion plays a vital role

Thanks Guys
Hope it may be helpful
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Posted by: Nagarajasia on: 3/10/2016 | Points: 25
Good article.
Posted by: Amatya on: 3/11/2016 | Points: 25
Thanks dear.. I will try to Improve my English Grammer Sir.. I have got good platform to explore myself through DNF. I will share some codes and snippets which i had developed in coming saturday and sunday.

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