Top Interviews Question and their answer with examples (Part 1)

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Hi friends, Here we will look into various Interviews question which are common and frequently asked in Interviews.
Hope it benefits for freshers.


Hi friends, here we will look into an article for Interviews question which are common and frequently asked in Interviews.

Hope it benefits freshers. 

Here are some mentioned points.

1. Tell me about yourself?
This is the question which is asked in most of the interviews.Candidate should be prepared perfectly which this question(as this the first question and we guys know that first impression make a lot in interview). Give a sweet and small description of yourself(Name and the place you belongs), then you can continue with your interest. If you are experienced then after telling the name you can tell about your job and deeds which you have done related to your position.Start with your past and drag the sentence to present.

2. What deeds you have done to improve your knowledge and skills in last year?
This a question where the your positive approach towards life and consciousness about facts will be checked. Be prepare with this question, if you are going to software related interview you can focus on some latest technology or language which you have worked and can easily get attraction. If you have done some courses, you can mention without any hesitation. For management related interview if the person has done some management stuff like organizing events, some surveys related to any product they can mention it.

3.Why did you leave your last job?
This is a question which where you have to be positive and forward to give the question. Dont blame to your previous company regarding their policies, behavior, managements, co-workers and salary. If you say the above mentioned points you will be one in dangerous position of selection. For this question you can smile and continue with your sentence such as leaving for a positive reason for a chance to do something special and opportunity to serve the people and organization with my skill for better growth.

4.What do your co-workers say about you?
I think every one is right in his own  perspective, but the person should be right in majority of peoples and should be praised for his deeds and efforts. Here in this question you can say your skill or strong side. You should be prepared when at anytime you were praised for your deeds in your college days, or in previous company. With this live example you can make an impact. 

5. What experience you have in this post you have applied for?
If you are fresher then question will be not asked, but if you are experienced then you have to say the deeds which you done in that specific fields.If you do not specific experience for the post you have applied but you have experienced in other domain then you have to tell the efforts or interest for that particular field.

Example - Lets look into my experience, as a fresher joined in a company which was working in Java but had some interest in .NET platform. My first priority was to get the job in any domain. In an interview of C#, I had opportunity to showed and talk about my efforts and interest in C# language. 

Here we have talked about some points which you have to planned in a proper way before attending any interview

I will recommend to read my previous article 'Do and Don'ts in Interview'.
All the Best. Have a blessed day :)


Interview is great opportunity so do read about it, Senior members, developer, mentor suggestions are welcomed, so we all can get some more points to think and prepare. My second part of Interviews question will be posted soon
All the Best


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