What is the concept of features in SharePoint?

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Whenever we think about SharePoint think in terms of collaboration. One of the much needed features in collaboration is on-demand functionality / feature activation. Feature makes it easier to activate and deactivate functionality in SharePoint.

Some points which you should note about features:-

• All features needs to be copied in “C:\Program Files\Common Files\Microsoft Shared\Web server extensions\12\Template\FEATURES\” directory. Microsoft Share reads the features from this directory. If you open the directory you can find pre-installed features by Share Point as shown below.

• Every feature will have two XML files one is the ‘Feature.xml’ and the other is ‘ElementManifest.xml’.

• Share point understands there is a feature by reading the feature XML file from the features folder.
• All features are identified by a unique GUID number.
• Features emit events which can be captured to write custom code. These events are captured in assembly which needs to be registered in a GAC.
• Summarizing what we discussed we have a ‘feature.xml’ which points to an assembly which captures the feature events for custom code. It also other XML file which defines what exactly this feature will do.

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