Interview with Microsoft MVP (Connected Services Development) - Ambily KK

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Interview with Microsoft MVP (Connected Services Development) Ambily KK by team.

Describe about yourself

Ambily: Hi. This is Ambily from Kerala, India and currently working as a Solution Architect at Tata Consultancy Services Limited at Hyderabad. I received the MVP award in Connected Services Development category. I continuously upgrade my technology strengths and has strong passion for Web technologies involving Windows Azure, ASP .Net, AJAX, Visual Studio ALM and Workflow Foundation.
I share my technology views in my blog @ I contributes technical articles regularly at DotNetFunda and CodeProject

Certifications: MCTS in WCF, MCTS in ASP .Net and TOGAF 8.1 Certified

If anyone wants to connect with you can you please provide some information about it?

Ambily: Sure. I can be contacted through my blog I am also active in twitter @Ambily8.

What are your community activities? 

Ambily: I actively participate in various Microsoft’s social forums and contribute articles in both CodeProject and DotnetFunda. I am blogging my Microsoft learnings in my blog @ I delivered presentation in Microsoft Virtual Tech Days and HyderabadTechies.

How did you get MVP award and which trade?

Ambily: I received the MVP award under Connected Service Developer. I worked mainly on Web Technologies and contributed more on Workflow Foundation 4.0. Done lot of research in Workflow Foundation 4.0 and published many articles on the same. Also answers question related to WF4.0 in Microsoft’s social network forums.

Any inspirational moment you would like to share with developers?

Ambily: Understanding my blog post, article or answer helped someone to resolve their technical issues gives me more confidence and it drives me to contribute more to the community.

Regarding MVP award, it is the dream comes true. This award gives more confidence and commitments to community activities. I am so excites to see the mail from Microsoft. 

Whats your advise for todays software professional ?

Ambily: Be passionate about what you are doing. Learn new things and try to understand the benefit of new technologies using small samples. Share whatever you know, which will help you improve your gaps in technology and make you grow faster.

How do you manage personal and professional life?

Ambily: Managing both personal and professional life is a key to the success of an IT professional. Manage the time properly by prioritizing and delegating the works. Try to understand what you need to do before start working on anything.

Who is your favorite MVP ?

Ambily: This is the first MVP award for me. Joined the group and understanding various activities of the team and try to learn more from the other MVPs. 

Where do you see yourself after 5 years ?.

Ambily: I will be looking for an Enterprise Architect with good community contribution. I will focus more on community contributions in areas of e-book, code samples, tools, etc.

Your 1 big regret in life

Ambily: Nothing as of now

Your 1 big great decision

Ambily: The decision to share my knowledge through online & offline sessions, articles and blogs

Which technology do you like most?

Ambily: Like all Microsoft Technologies including Azure, Workflow Foundation 4.0, ASP.Net MVC, etc.

Thank you so much Ambily for your time to answer all these quetions and thanks a lot for your contribution to the community.

We wish you good luck !!! team

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Congrats Ambily!
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Congratulations Ambily!!!

Keep it up!

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Hi.. Congrats and keep up the good work.. Wish u all the best for your future
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Hi Ambily

Thank you so much for web encyrption and decyrption.

Keep up your good work.

Mohan babu
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Really its Inspirable...
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Thanks Ambily
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Congrtzzz Chechi...

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