Interview with Geetesh Bajaj, Microsoft MVP

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Interview with Geetesh Bajaj, a PowerPoint MVP awarded by Microsoft for the last 13 years. He also runs the site.

DNF: Please tell us about yourself

Geetesh: I do presentation design using Microsoft PowerPoint, have authored 6 books, and have been a PowerPoint MVP awarded by Microsoft for the last 13 years. I also run the site.

DNF: When did you started your career and how?

Geetesh: I started around 15 years ago creating presentation slides, and have not stopped since.

DNF: Why did you choose career related with software industry and what inspired you?

Geetesh: My career decision probably related more to design than software. But yes, it is the software that allows an expression of design in this case.

DNF: As a technical person, when you have been assigned a job that you seem difficult, how do you approach it?

Geetesh: Divide a larger task into smaller tasks, and follow it through one step at a time.

DNF: When you want to learn any new technology, how do you start? Do you have any strategy in place that you follow to learn any newer technologies.

Geetesh: I don’t really learn any new technology unless it has a direct relation to my sphere of work. It’s best that I do what I do, and specialize in that field rather than embracing anything and everything that’s new. And newer stuff always evolves even in the technology area where I am placed right now.

DNF: These days every now and then newer technologies/versions or new concepts are popping up, what do you think about it and how do you cope up with them?

Geetesh: Everything has a reason. Let’s look at tablets as an example. Everyone wants to create and deliver their PowerPoint presentations via an iPad because it’s so cool to do so. But when people master the art of iPad presentations, they still like the comfort of creating their slides on a large, two monitor desktop display that gives them more creative freedom. So it’s more about what works for you rather than what is cool. Ultimately, I do think we need to strike a balance – between embracing new technologies, being aware of them, playing with them, but we also need to see if that is going to help us or not.

Looking at the iPad presentations topic again, I still like to do my iPad presentations on a desktop although the iPad gives me so many more opportunities to deliver that content in new ways. So that’s balance!

DNF: This is  little personal however if you do not mind sharing, can you please tell us how do you balance personal as well as professional life when the work is getting demanding now a days and need to spend more time in office?

Geetesh: First of all, we all must realize that the time you spend with your family and the time that you spend alone with yourself is what shapes you as a human being. It’s very important that you find time for these pursuits. They will end up making you a better professional as well.

DNF: What technology or software do you think will be hot in coming 4-5 years and why?

Geetesh: I think the seamless integration of content via different computing platforms will become something that we will take for granted.

DNF: When any of the team members is difficult to manage (technically and personally) how do you tackle them?

Geetesh: You just have to understand them, and their reasons. Then be open and frank with them, and ask them to do the same.

DNF: How do you deal with the situation when your project deliverables is getting delayed?

Geetesh: Be honest and sincere, do your best so as to not delay. But if things are beyond your control, do share this information with you client immediately.

Also don’t accept deadlines that are not reasonable in the first place.

DNF: Do you remember any event/challenge that you have faced in your career and how did you deal with it?

Geetesh: Challenges show up each day and you just need to take care of them. Then just think of them as stepping stones, and move on.

DNF: What do you do in your free times, what are your hobbies?

Geetesh: I organize! Everything from my music collection to my books. I read lots of books, and I also love photography.

DNF: Anything else you want to share that may help the readers of DotNetFunda.Com in shaping up their career.

Geetesh: Believe in whatever you do because you cannot lead a life that’s someone else’s belief. It has to be your belief.

DNF: Thanks for your time for answering these questions. We wish you good luck in all your endeavours and family life. God bless you and your family.

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