Differences between Window Services and Window Applications

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Window Services:

1) They have no GUI (Graphical User Interface)

2) Used mainly for background processing or monitoring tasks.

3) They are found in the Services section of the Control Panel.

4)Installed using special utilities like InstallUtil.

5)They have startup types like Automatic, Manual


1) SMTP Service: used for sending emails across network

2)MSSQLServer Service: used for starting/stopping the SQL Server engine.

We can also create our own services and install them using InstallUtil.

Window Applications

1) They are GUI based.

2) Used for creating windows which can be run from their exe's stored a folder/desktop to enable the users to perform these kinds of tasks:

a)Data Entry(Ex: Inventory/Payroll management), Data viewing(view employee details)

b)Viewing hardware/software information of a system.

c) Games/ Graphics.

d)Customized calculators, Notepads, Explorers

3)They are not found in the Services section of Control Panel.

4)No startup types like Automatic/Manual.

We can start/stop Windows Service from a Windows Application .

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