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Top 20 MySQL Interview Questions & Answers (for beginners & experts) 
Last updated on: 02 Jun 2022 10:59:37 AM by Questpond | Views: 1645 | Category: Sql Server
Q1 : Explain Normalization & Denormalization? Q2 : Explain 1st,2nd and 3rd Normal Form in MYSQL Database Normalization? Q3 : Primary Key vs Foreign Key? Q4 : Primary Key vs Candidate Key vs Unique Key? Q5 : What is a trigger? How you can create a trigger in MYSQL? Q6 : Explain Transactions and How to Implement it in MYSQL? Q7 : What is an index? How can an index be declared in MYSQL? Q8 : What is the view? How can you create and drop view in MYSQL? Q9 : Explain Inner Join? Q10 : Explain Left Join? Q11 : Explain Right Join? Q12 : Explain Cross Join? Q13 : MYSQL Union vs Union All? Q14 : What are MYSQL Aliases? Q15 : Explain MYSQL Subquery? Q16 : Blob vs Text data types in MYSQL? Q17 : CHAR vs VARCHAR data types? Q18 : What are the differences between InnoDB and MyISAM engines? Q19 : What are some of the common MYSQL COMMANDS? Q20 : What are aggregate functions in MYSQL?
Find nth highest salary in SQL server Interview Question| Find 2nd,3rd Highest salary 
Last updated on: 10 Nov 2021 01:13:52 AM by Questpond | Views: 6389 | Category: Sql Server
Find nth highest salary in SQL server Interview Question
SQL Server Interview Questions & Answers(for freshers & experienced). 
Last updated on: 05 Sep 2021 09:15:49 AM by Questpond | Views: 2403 | Category: Sql Server
This 1 hour of video will help you prepare for SQL Interview for most asked SQL Server questions which are summarized below :- Question 1 :- Explain normalization ? Question 2 :- How to implement normalization ? Question 3 :- What is denormalization ? Question 4 :- Explain OLTP vs OLAP ? Question 5 :- Explain 1st,2nd and 3rd Normal form ? Question 6 :- Primary Key vs Unique key ? Question 7 :- Differentiate between Char vs Varchar ? Question 8 :- Differentiate between Char vs NChar ? Question 9 :- Whats the size of Char vs NChar ? Question 10 :- What is the use of Index ? Question 11 :- How does it make search faster? Question 12 :- What are the two types of Indexes ? Question 13 :- Clustered vs Non-Clustered index Question 14 :- Function vs Stored Procedures Question 15 :- What are triggers and why do you need it ? Question 16 :- What are types of triggers ? Question 17 :- Differentiate between After trigger vs Instead Of ? Question 18 :- What is need of ...
Learn SQL basics step by step. 
Last updated on: 18 Dec 2018 03:44:42 AM by Questpond | Views: 2054 | Category: Sql Server
In this 1 hour tutorial we will learn about SQL query basic writings lesson by lesson. It will cover 30 SQL statements on Select, Update, Insert and Delete operations.
Database Normalization beginners tutorial. 
Last updated on: 24 Sep 2018 12:37:01 AM by Questpond | Views: 3229 | Category: Sql Server
In this tutorial will try to understand the detailed concepts of Database Normalization, Normal Forms, Database Design Problems, Duplicate and Redundancy, Atomic and Repeating groups, Design issues of Partial Dependency, Transitional Dependency and many to many design.
  • Explain Columnstore index in SQL Server. 
    Last updated on: 08 Sep 2017 02:52:09 AM by Questpond | Views: 2179 | Category: Sql Server
    In this video tutorial will try to understand about Columnstore index in SQL and the use of it.
    Learn SQL Server step by step tutorial - Part 1 ( Beginner series) 
    Last updated on: 10 Dec 2016 07:31:26 AM by Questpond | Views: 2570 | Category: Sql Server
    In this video we will learn SQL Server step by step in 16 hours.
    Learn MSBI ( Microsoft Business Intelligence ) in 4 days ( SSIS , SSAS and SSRS) 
    Last updated on: 16 May 2015 06:14:30 AM by Questpond | Views: 6675 | Category: Sql Server
    This is a full 1 hour of MSBI (Microsoft Business Intelligence ) training which has the following Agenda :- 1. BI life cycle 2. Role of SSIS , SSAS and SSRS 3. Tools needed to start MSBI 4. Uploading a simple CSV file in to SQL using SSIS ( ETL demo) 5. Data flow and Control flow 6. How to see errors in MSBI 7. Project structure of MSBI project 8. Revision and exercise.
    MSBI Demo Class 
    Last updated on: 18 Jul 2014 04:37:31 AM by Kapilbisp | Views: 2503 | Category: Sql Server
    Introduction to MSBI
    Differences between ISNULL and NULLIF - sql server interview questions 
    Last updated on: 12 Dec 2013 09:52:47 AM by Sqldev | Views: 19872 | Category: Sql Server
    Hi friends, in this session I am gonna discuss the differences between ISNULL and NULLIF. Both ISNULL and NULLIF are built in system functions in sql server. Lot of people get confused between these 2 system functions. Lets discuss about each of these system functions separately so that you will get better idea. 1st lets discuss about ISNULL. ISNULL: ISNUL is a system function which replaces NULL with the specified replacement value. The functionalityof ISNULL is : 1. 1st it will Evaluate the expression which is in parameter 1. 2. it will compare the evaluated expression with null. if the paramter 1 = NULL ? 3. If parameter1 is equal to null i.e., if parameter 1 is null, then isnull function returns replacement value. if parameter1is not NULL, then ISNULL function returns parameter1 I hope we are clear on ISNULL. Lets move on to the next system function, that is NULLIF. NULLIF: NULLIF is a system function which returns a null value if the two speci ...
    Differences between primary key and unique key - SQL Server Interview Questions 
    Last updated on: 28 Nov 2013 11:47:28 AM by Sqldev | Views: 24995 | Category: Sql Server
    Hi Friends, In this in this session we are going to learn the differences between primary key and unique key This is one of the most frequently asked sql server interview questions. Before we discuss the difference between primary key and unique key, let's see what a primary key is and what a unique key is. Primary Key: Primary key is a key which uniquely identifies each row/record in the table. This implies if you have a primary key on a table, you can identify each and every row in that table uniquely using primary key. Unique Key: Unique key constraint enforces the uniqueness on the columns in which it is defined. That is Unique key will make sure only unique values are allowed in the columns in which it is defined. Similarities: Both Primary key and unique Key enforces uniqueness on the columns on which they are defined. • Primary key and unique Key columns allow only unique values. • Primary key and unique Key columns will avoid duplicates • Both Primary ...
    SSIS Lesson 3 - Extra data from a sql server table into a Flat file using SSIS import and Export wizard 
    Last updated on: 04 Oct 2013 10:44:39 AM by Sqldev | Views: 3562 | Category: Sql Server
    Hi friends, I was busy with some personal works these day. So, I couldn't share my knowldge with u. I am back with a new video tutorial on SSIS. Here is my latest ssis video tutorial on how to extract data from a sql server table into a flat file: