Top 20 MySQL Interview Questions & Answers (for beginners & experts)

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Q1 : Explain Normalization & Denormalization?
Q2 : Explain 1st,2nd and 3rd Normal Form in MYSQL Database Normalization?
Q3 : Primary Key vs Foreign Key?
Q4 : Primary Key vs Candidate Key vs Unique Key?
Q5 : What is a trigger? How you can create a trigger in MYSQL?
Q6 : Explain Transactions and How to Implement it in MYSQL?
Q7 : What is an index? How can an index be declared in MYSQL?
Q8 : What is the view? How can you create and drop view in MYSQL?
Q9 : Explain Inner Join?
Q10 : Explain Left Join?
Q11 : Explain Right Join?
Q12 : Explain Cross Join?
Q13 : MYSQL Union vs Union All?
Q14 : What are MYSQL Aliases?
Q15 : Explain MYSQL Subquery?
Q16 : Blob vs Text data types in MYSQL?
Q17 : CHAR vs VARCHAR data types?
Q18 : What are the differences between InnoDB and MyISAM engines?
Q19 : What are some of the common MYSQL COMMANDS?
Q20 : What are aggregate functions in MYSQL?

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