SharePoint interview questions: What is sharepoint 2010, sharepoint foundation 2010 and sharepoint server 2010?

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In this video we will understand what is sharepoint 2010 , differences between sharepoint foundation and sharepoint server 2010 and finally we will try to understand the different software and hardware requirements for sharepoint 2010.

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Posted by: SheoNarayan on: 7/8/2011
Thanks for sharing this info, very useful.

Looks like Sharepoint 2010 can also be installed on Windows 7 65X or Windows Vista 64x however you can't create Sharepoint Farm and must not run in production environment.

Posted by: SheoNarayan on: 7/8/2011
Oops its not "Windows 7 65X" it is Windows 7 64X.
Posted by: Questpond on: 7/8/2011
yes you are right. I later updated the video in the caption. But i would still recommend 2008 server to get full access to all features.

FYI i had lot of issues with IIS configuration of sharepoint 2010.
Posted by: Questpond on: 7/8/2011
the issue of IIS was with windows 7

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