Video :- Learn SharePoint 2010 step by step ( Full portal created end to end)

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In this tutorial we start form basics of what is sharepoint 2010 and the different versions of sharepoint 2010. We will also create a complete intranet portal with HR and account sub section using sharepoint 2010. While doing this practical we will understand various concepts of sharepoint 2010 like sharepoint 2010 list,sharepoint 2010 site,sharepoint 2010 content types and custom fields.

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Posted by: Akiii on: 7/23/2011
Excellent video for providing what SHAREPOINT is and why we need it ?

Looking forward for more regarding SHAREPOINT...

Thanks and Regards
Posted by: Hiren009 on: 8/1/2011
Thank you so much for these videos
Posted by: EswarB on: 9/7/2011
Hi Shivprasad,
Very good tutorials indeed for a beginner like me - the ease in your explanation is really impressive.
I'm looking for next tutorials - Till now i have gone through the 1st 3 videos.
Can you please point out where are the continution videos - Tutorial 2 is last video.

It would help me in better working with Sharepoint.

Posted by: Aniruddhakapil on: 2/7/2013
Nice videos !!

It's always important to refer something gr8 in order to learn a new technology.
I decided to learn Sharepoint 2010 and I came across these videos!!! (Thanks)

Pls share further links for sharepoint 2010

Posted by: Haridevs on: 5/8/2013
Was a great learinig on the basics of sharepoint from this video, Thanks SP, can you share the next part of video.

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