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App Innovation Winner Brings Speech to the Silent 
Last updated on: 22 May 2013 07:05:24 PM by Intelcorporation | Views: 6463 | Category: Product Reviews |
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BlinkTalk users never smile or even nod to indicate their joy with Bryan Brown’s award-winning application. They can’t. They have no muscle control below their eyes. But with this one app, an Ultrabook™ device, and the power of electromyography, many "locked-in" patients now have the ability to communicate verbally, perhaps for the first time in many years.
Case Study Soma Games Develops Graphics-rich Game for Ultrabook 
Last updated on: 27 Dec 2012 06:55:58 PM by Intelcorporation | Views: 3594 | Category: Product Reviews |
Votes: 2 | Rating: 4 out of 5
Soma Games recently created the game Wind Up Football for use with Windows 8* and Ultrabook™ systems. The Ultrabook technology allowed the developers to create a game with superior appearance and performance and served to reintroduce the company to the PC gaming space.