Create App using Windows Phone App Studio Part 2

Rama Sagar
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Windows Phone App Studio beta is a web-based app creation tool designed to help people easily bring an app idea to life by applying text, web content, images, and design concepts to a rich set of customizable templates.


This article explains about how to create a windows phone app using  the Microsoft "Windows Phone App Studio Beta". In previous article we have seen how to get started and create the outline for the App..

In this Part we will see how to configure different type of data sources

Available Data Sources
Data sources are simply the source of data used by our applications for storing data. It can be Youtube videos, Facebook page feeds, RSS feeds, some picture collections, or other user defined simple data table.

  • RSS
We need to enter your feed URL in a data source and it will automatically show our  feeds on the screen. 
  • YouTube
This data source requires only a You tube channel name as input.

  • Flickr
Usefull for showing a list of images from a Flicker user id.

  • Bing
Useful for embedding the search results from Bing. We need to specify our search query during app development. It can't be changed after app development.

  • HTML
Used for adding lines of text with a limit of 2048 characters in one data source.

  • Collections
It is useful to create our own table and enter our own data in it. Show it in the app using binding independent of any website. This data type is of special interest because of "App Studio Data Services" . This service allows us to change our app data in App Studio and get it updated instantly on all devices using that App. This feature is very useful for creating Live applications.

Now Lets add data source to our app by adding a section as shown 

  • Step1  Click on the "+" button and then select "Add section".

As shown in the above figure we can find the about us Team and remaining sections..Now we will add articles section using  Add section 

  • Step2 On the next page enter the name of the section and Data Source and  select the RSS data source provide the name and click on "Save Changes".

  • Step3 Now click on the newly added data source

 As shown in the above figure, article uses Dotnetfunda Articles RSS Feed URL.

click on Refresh and we can see the contents and then click the Tick mark in top 

we can see the preview in the emulator as shown below


  • Step4 Now lets configure the team section.Click on datasource of Team section and add some static resources as shown

Now our app is ready with required stuff..we will see how to generate the app and further develop using visual studio 


In this article we have seen how to create an app using company template how to make use of data sources in Windows phone App studio 


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