40 years of age and freshers in .NET, can I get job in MNC?

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Hi member,

I have 7 mts exp in startup level company i did student based projects i worked as dotnet developer . now i am 40yrs. Its possible getting a job in MNC company. Me MSc IT (ICE) 2012 passed out first class. Please guide me.


Sheo's Advice on Sunday, November 8, 2015 :
Hi Ramesh,

Thanks for asking your career question.

7 months experience hardly counts as this might have taught you very few things about .NET unless you have put extra effort to learn and work.

When finding job, just do not target MNCs only. There are tons of people out there who get job in MNCs and are not happy because of the type of work they are doing there. So your preference should be companies where you get more exposed to the development projects. This will give you good knowledge and experience.

As far as your age is concerned, it hardly matters whether you are 20 years or 40 years old but what matter is how you take this. The KFC founder had started his business when he was 70+ age (perhaps).

So do not worry about anything, just go extra miles to learn, work hard and gain experience and hopefully a bright future is waiting for you.

Read the article listed at this page that should help you a lot.

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Posted by: Rajeshatkiit on: 12/17/2015 | Level:Starter | Status: [Member] | Points: 25
You can get job but you need to fill the year gap by having some experience certificate.
Can i know how many years of gap you have during education or after education?
Posted by: Raja on: 12/17/2015 | Level:Starter | Status: [Member] | Points: 25
I would strongly discourage anyone to use any illegal means of getting the experience certificate. It may work for short time but in long term the reality comes out. So get the real experience by working and step ahead in your career slowly and strongly.
Posted by: Pandyamanav on: 11/24/2017 | Level:Starter | Status: [Member] | Points: 25

Do not go for MNC , because they have work regarding application maintenance

So there will not be any growth opportunity

Posted by: Vramesh3000 on: 11/25/2017 | Level:Starter | Status: [Member] | Points: 25

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