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Hi Team,

I have a around 4 years of experience on .NET.. Initially I joined in development profile in a start-up company and worked there for 1 year.Then I switched to another company and got into production support profile where majorly I was into functional and analytical skill set rather than technical. I worked there for 2 years and then moved to another company and there I was into exactly the same profile (production support). I am currently working and its been over 1 year in the current company.

I have very less development skills and more of production support skills. I am not confident about myself if I have the ability to work for from the scratch development projects. Please suggest me if I have to continue going into production support profile to sustain my career.


Sheo's Advice on Sunday, November 29, 2015 :
Dear Narendra,

Thanks for asking your career question.

In general it is considered that support projects are not challenging as well as technical enough to give you maximum exposure to the current happening in the technology world as they are generally already built product and you need to enhance or fix bugs, however this is not the case in all production support projects.

The level of expertise needed in production support depends on project to project. As you have not mentioned the kind of technology you are using in these supports it is difficult to suggest whether to remain into the project or not.

However, if you are really excited about or worried to much about your career and have guts to take technical challenges and do not hesitate in keep learning and implementing new technologies; perhaps this is the time to move on and get some developmental role either into the same company or another company.

If you continue to be in the same kind of project for longer duration and that project doesn't uses buzzing technologies, you may become master into that particular technology or domain but that thing may not be in demand in the market outside so you will feel cornered. 

Your decision should be based on what technology you are using into that projects and how comfortable are you in learning and implementing newer technologies.

Hope this will help you in taking good decisions, good luck.


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