How to become good programmer in asp .net

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i want to become Professional in ASP .net programming

Shivprasad's Advice on Wednesday, May 20, 2009 :

First thing let me congratulate you that you are an ASP.NET developer. Now to your question you want to become a professional.
The walk from a novice to professionalism is by working on projects. The more you sweat, meet your dead lines, understand customer requirement , get that appreciation email saying ?Thanks, you did good job? -- The more you become professional.
From my perspective a professional is a person who has those five stars of customer satisfaction.
Ok that was the business side of ASP.NET professionalism, additionally you can have a deeper understanding on the following technical things:-
  • One of greatest difference between a novice and a professional is the approach. This approach can be from the perspective of debugging and the way you have errors. So debugging and error handling in depth knowledge is a must.
  • Understanding implications of architecture fundamentals like design patterns, MVC , MVP will definitely help.
  • ASP.NET application performance and tuning fundamentals is again a important part which you should  know
  • Making proper packaging and deployment is again a mark of a good ASP.NET professional.
  • In case you are still on old ASP.NET pages see if you can get Ajax to your portfolio.
  • Understanding of different ASP.NET security mode

Sainath's Advice on Thursday, May 21, 2009 :
I am glad you asked this question.Good programming is all about having good programming habits, irrespective of the language in which you code.And the right time to build the right programming habits is in the initial stage itself.

Best coding practices are a highly dynamic and continuously evolving area. However,a lot of time we are too busy meeting project deadlines that we may never have the luxury of time to learn best practices.One all-time classic book to improve your coding skills is "Code Complete - by Steve Mcconnell". The best programmers in the industry swear by it. The book is loaded with great ideas and ready to apply skills which you can immediately use in your daily assignments - for example,designing proper classes,writing proper loop structures,writing code which is easily maintainable,etc.

Microsoft has also included most of Mcconnell's books in their "best practices" series of books. Hopefully this answers your question and starts you off on an exciting journey.

kapil's Advice on Thursday, June 04, 2009 :

Adding on to Shiv and Sainath ....

Graduating fro novice to professional means graduating from "Hello World ..." single coder programs to professional environment. In professional environment, you do not work alone but you are part of a team. You are writing functions/modules which need to work with large system; this needs designing, best practice programming, interfacing, unit tested code. You need to plan your small function/module as you would plan your complete system.

You also need Version control systems, VSS, CVS etc. You need testing, debugging tools.... You need to master TOOLS of development.

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Posted by: Lucygrey on: 1/9/2016 | Level:Starter | Status: [Member] | Points: 25
To become an expert programmer, It is important to have proper knowledge about platform. You also need to learn CSS3,HTML5, JavaScript, AJAX, SQL, jQuery and Session state.

I found some links related to your concept, which may be helpful for you:-

Posted by: Techguys on: 12/6/2019 | Level:Starter | Status: [Member] | Points: 25
In order to enhance your programming skills,
1. It is important that you should work on complex problems with lesser Line-of-code with a higher rate of performance. Try solving as many problems as you can.
2. Try learning Data Structures and implement them in real-life problems.
3. Help others. By helping others, you will get the chance to solve more problems and interact with others. It will be a great opportunity for you because you would not require to search problems rather others will bring problems to you seeking their solution.
4. Discuss your programming or business problems with others. You will get to know new ideas on problem-solving.

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