what can i do to get interview calls?

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Hello, I am Mohini Mhetre. I have total 1year of experince (4months testing + 8 months .net). I completed my BE(comp. sc) in 2012 with 1st class and hsc & ssc with distinction. I fit into almost all company criteria. I am very good in coding and learning new things and also my communication skills are average. Then also I dont get interview calls. I attended some interviews, even though I performed well they rejected me. Many of my friends got placed in MNC even though they are not that much good in coding. Because of this I am too much frustrated, I don't know what to do. I don't have reference in MNC. I know I deserve it and I know I will, but for that I need to attend interviews and if I don't have interview calls in hand then I can't do anything.
So please please guide me what can I do.
And another thing is that my company pays me only 8-10k per month even though I have 1year exp. in hand and I heard that I will get less salary even after switching company as I have less salary in my current company. so how can I handle salary related questions?

Deeraj's Advice on Saturday, May 10, 2014 :

Hi Mohini,

Firstly, Its good to note your academics have impressive percentages and you seem to be a bright student. Its also agreed that because you have excellent percentages, you will suit most of the companies criteria wrt to the percentages. This is the very first step. However, companies will also look at your logical, analytical and communication (both written and oral) skills. You might have noticed this when you tried for jobs as a fresher.

And, if you dont succeed in getting a job as a fresher, it would be very difficult to get one in the future. Because, if you are not a fresher you must be experience. And, in order to obtain experience you should have a job.

Once you have job, dont bother if it's a MNC or not, the first two to three years one should focus on your technical capabilites and NOT ON SALARY. Try to master the technology you are working on. Donot stick to just your job responsibilities, keep exploring and try to do a better coding/testing. If you are a master, money will automotically flow your way.

Switching a company in a year or two is a bad decision unless you will have to meet your financial problems and/or any valid reasons for that matter.

My advice will be to stick to the same company for one more year unless there is a strong reason to switch refer to my notes above, improve you technical capabilities and communicatio along side and do a self assessment on where I was a year back and where I am today. If you feel you are in a good postion to switch. Go ahead.

Good Luck!


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I am glad to respond to my own post after 2yrs and 9moths. I have been working in mnc from last 2yrs.

I just wanted to inspire some people who are also frustrated because of their current job, I just can say hold on and keep trying. Update your profile on the job portals everyday so that you will get noticed by the companies.

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