Need advice on career in dot net implimentation and support

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Hi All Greetings of the day,

I am Nagendra i have engineering background with 76%.I have total experience of 2.8 years in implementation and support in dot net (2.4 in implementation and development)currently i am working as application support in a MNC. To tell you truth there is nothing i can learn technically , every day i feel useless.I have 1.4 years of onsite app implementation exp which includes DB migration and resolving DB related issues using oracle and sql , UAT done , provided end user training.
Now i wanted to come to pure implementation i am currently in support. Now my query is as follows.

1) Is there any scope only for implementation if yes what skills to be enhanced.

2) Steps to be taken to come back to development.

3) What to do to grow higher now.

4) any suggestion if i want to change platform from dot net

5) chances to get managerial positions if i do ITIL (as most of my work is done under ITIL guidelines)

Warm Regards,

Sheo's Advice on Tuesday, May 13, 2014 :

Dear Nagendra,

Thanks for asking question about your current career situation.

I would say, its wrong to say that there is nothing to learn from your current job. You must have learnt something in last couple of years of giving support in dotnet that is why you say you have 2.8 years of experience. Be positive and think about the opportunity given to you. Fixing bugs, resolving DB issues gives you enough scope to understand the current code implementation and architecture of the project and provides excellent platform to learn and explore.

However I agree that doing same type of job for many years become boring so you might want a change. There are many job openings out there however before you start looking outside, I would suggest to explore the opportunity in the same organization.

As far as your question goes, here is point wise answer

  1. If you mean scope only for development, there will be very few organizations where there is development work. Maintenance is the part of application development process. The current market trends suggest that you should have very good knowledge in client side technologies and frameworks like HTML5, CSS3, Bootstrap, LESS, KnockoutJS, AngularJS, jQuery and other jQuery plugins. ASP.NET MVC, WCF, API, WCF and other technologies of Microsoft are in demand so be ready with these technologies.   

  2. If you do not find any opportunity in your current organization, you might want to shift to another company. Start looking for change, distribute your resume to consultants, job portals etc. ask your friend for reference. Before you join, ask for nature of work to avoid the same situation you are in now.

  3. Learn Lear Learn. Gain as much real time experience as you can by learning, sharing your knowledge. If you do not have opportunity to apply your knowledge to your current job, prepare a demo application of what you have learnt and get community feedback by sharing your knowledge.

  4. As you already have 2.8 years of experience, probably it would not be wise to completely shift the platform from dotnet.

  5. ITIL is a nice thing to do and work with. Read more about it by Sainath Sheriga here. There are many career advice given on ITIL, read them here.
Hope I answered your question to your satisfaction, if you have any more question feel free to reply to this post.


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Posted by: Nagendragrv on: 6/17/2014 | Level:Starter | Status: [Member] | Points: 25
Good Noon Sheo,

I really appreciate the response given.I will follow the guidance given by you.I have one last query, is it good to learn MSBI as i have knowledge of sql.Any good center in Bangalore to do MSBI

Warm Regards,

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